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Color Silk Cambodia

Our signature organic cotton fabrics are handwoven in the Takeo Province of Cambodia where we work with Color Silk – a social enterprise thriving to prevent the ancient Cambodian weaving tradition from vanishing.

Color Silk empowers over 500 women living in rural areas and contribute to their financial independence and economic development.

cambodian culture

In Cambodian culture sons are more important than daughters, so most girls must stay at home, can't go to school and therefore lack education once they become adults. Because of this, they cannot access high profile jobs and remain financially dependent, taking care of the children and relying on their husband. The result is that women don't have a voice in their family, but also in society and in the country as a whole.

Empower women

Color Silk's goal is to provide them a secure, safe and permanent job they can realise while staying with their family. They seek to help women rise out of poverty so they can become financially independent and live their life with dignity. In other words, to empower women.

Save the weaving culture

At the same time the ancient weaving culture is at risk of vanishing. Only middle-aged women continue to weave, younger generations are not aware of this cultural heritage. Knowledge and skills about this complex art are being lost.

free training

Aiming to save this part of the Cambodian culture, Color Silk helps women who are willing to take weaving as source of income by providing employment and income through a safe work in their community.  Women who do not have any skills weaving receive a 5 months free training.

Financial independence

After the training period they get to work from home where they have a weaving loom set up. Color Silk assists these women to manage the business on their own by giving them financial support and technical assistance. ​Color Silk supports artisans by giving them a safe and well paid job so they can support their family and send their kids to school. By enabling them to work from home they do not have to leave their village and family to find work in the city and they contribute to the economic development of isolated rural areas.

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