• deadstock fabric

what is deadstock fabric?

Deadstock or remnant fabrics are fabrics that are left over by big fashion houses and factories who overestimated their needs or simply do not want to use a certain colour or a certain print any more.

Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh is surrounded by a huge number of big garment factories. Normally the brands or factories will hold on to these excess fabrics for a few more seasons and then eventually send them to landfill.

At Sometimes Sundays we think that is a crazy waste and we rescue these fabrics before they end up in landfill and make beautiful limited pieces out of them.

Fabric is the second largest group of things found in landfills in Cambodia just behind plastic. We wanted to be part of the solution by using these fabrics. Half of our styles are made using these fabrics as a main fabric. For all of our styles we are using deadstock fabric to make the inside look beautiful with binding and facing in these fabrics.

Using deadstock fabrics means we can only make limited pieces of any one fabric. Rolls or bags mostly come in small amounts of 10m to 100m (if we are lucky). Small amounts of fabric means small production runs. Sometimes we can even only make 2 or 3 dresses of a specific style. We think that is a wonderful thing though. It makes those pieces unique.

By using deadstock fabrics you get unique, one of a kind pieces. We also save beautiful fabric from being thrown out and don’t pollute the planet. A win/win for everyone right?

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