• Ethical Production


Our garments are made with kindness and care for planet and people in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, by the wonderful women at Fairsew. They are a small manufacturing studio that treats its employees fairly by providing them with a living wage, educational training, a safe working environment and an overall happy workplace. They are also giving staff opportunities for further learning and development, Maternity Leave and Medical Insurance and they get as many paid holidays as Australia - these things may sound small, but they are unheard of in most factories in Cambodia.  

We believe that fashion can be beautiful without the human or environmental cost. And so does Fairsew.

The majority of their team are women (power!)

Fairsew is a Social Enterprise that was founded by Australian woman Anneliese Helmy. She saw no other option then to pay her staff fairly, to encourage them to enhance their skills and learn. Her aim is to return the beauty back into the fashion industry in Cambodia and the world.

“Our ethos is centred in proving that fair fashion can be profitable, conscious of the environment, and have a positive social impact for everyone in the supply chain. We are what the fashion industry needs and deserves, a professional, transparent, and quality manufacturer.”

Fairsew’s workplace standards have been modelled off the World Fair Trade Organisation's (WTFO) 10 principles of fair trade, as well as the International Labour Organisation's (ILO) Good Practice Standards.

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