• How It's Made


All collections are designed by me, Berit. Each style is exclusively limited with only up to 20 pieces made. I want to create pieces that not only reflect quality, comfort and style but also last a long time, will be handed down and make a difference in people's lives. Each collection is inspired by my travels, discovering cultures and by my love for the beach.

Our fabrics

We make our clothes from two different types of materials:

- Cambodian hand woven organic cotton fabric

- Deadstock fabrics or remnant fabrics from local garment factories

Deadstock fabric

There is a large number of garment factories in Cambodia, which leads to a massive amount of deadstock fabrics. Excess rolls of fabric (or bags) can be purchased at local markets. We buy those leftover and over-produced fabrics from local markets and reuse them to create beautiful limited pieces. What would have ended in landfill is now in your wardrobe, isn’t that great?

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Organic Cotton Fabric

Organic cotton fabric is softer, is hypoallergenic and lasts for a long time. But the most important benefit is protecting the ecosystem, reducing water wastage and ensuring a safer working environment for farmers and manufacturers. Organic cotton is a sustainable and eco-friendly option to regular cotton.

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The Weaving Process

The beautiful art of hand weaving is centuries old. It is a very slow and careful process which takes a lot of practice to master. The art, love, time and care that goes into each meter of fabric created make these fabrics something very special. We design and create all our own yarn dye woven textiles, working closely with our artisan weavers at Color Silk.

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