• Organic Cotton

Why is organic cotton better than regular cotton?

Overall organic cotton is softer, is hypoallergenic and lasts for a long time.

But the most important benefit is protecting the ecosystem, reducing water wastage and ensuring a safer working environment for farmers and manufacturers.

Organic cotton is a sustainable and eco-friendly option to regular cotton.

Unlike regular cotton Organic Cotton is completely handpicked, preserving the purity of the fibre and making sure no fibres are damaged in the process, resulting in much softer and more durable products. Organic cotton is made from natural seeds. There are no pesticides or other harmful chemicals used. Bugs are controlled with insects that kill the pests. This results in organic cotton products being much safer for the skin.

Regular cotton is grown on the same soil over and over again which removes nutrients, degrades the soil quality and leads to unhealthy crops. They require more water and are irrigated heavily which results in water wastage. Organic cotton is rotated from one soil to another which leads to more nutrients that retain water for long and require less irrigation. That means healthier crops.

Regular cotton farming uses chemicals (herbicides) in the weeding process to kill weeds. These harmful chemicals affect the quality of crops and suck out moisture and nutrients from the soil. They also harm the farmers. Constant use of these chemicals leads to serious diseases in farmers and affects the environment. In organic cotton farming the weeding is done by hand, by hoeing and other non-harming cultivation processes.

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