• Our Story

Sometimes Sundays is a conscious slow fashion brand born out of the desire to support artisan communities in developing countries and bring positive change to the fashion industry by producing fairly and ethically.

We proudly create half of our fabrics in collaboration with local artisans in rural Cambodia. The other half is made from deadstock recycled fabrics. All fabrics are then made into beautiful garments at our small manufacturer Fairsew in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

With a mission to preserve ancient old traditions & techniques and not further harming the environment by recycling fabrics, we create unique and ethically made products.

We care about the people behind our clothes.

Transparency of our production chain is key to retain integrity. 

Our Values

We care about the people and planet. 

About Me

After many years of working as a designer in the fashion industry for mostly big companies and seeing firsthand the impact the industry has on the environment and on the makers and the little (if any) care those companies show, I finally had enough. I set out to start working on my own long-time dream: my own small fashion label: ethically produced and with sustainability in mind to bring positive change. Slow fashion. Kind to people and planet.

From my love of travel and traditional cultures and handicrafts the idea was born to combine the two and create a slow fashion label that collaborates with artisans to help preserve these beautiful ancient techniques and that is also ethically produced and helps fight exploitation in developing countries. I am very passionate about making a difference in the world, both for people and the planet.

Once I decided to start on my own ethical journey it was clear that I would take the search of an ethical manufacturer and artisans to collaborate with a step further and use it as an excuse to travel around South east Asia for three month.

And so my big adventure began…

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Our Mission

Sometimes Sundays is a brand that captures my own personal beliefs and is my way of making a positive change in the world. Our mission is to improve the lives of artisan communities and garment makers in developing countries by building long lasting relationships with them to positively impact their lives.

Our aim is to create a community that empowers makers through sustainable, ethical employment globally. We want to support Artisans all over the world by collaborating with them. We would like to eventually go global and have projects in other developing countries like India, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos and also in Africa. We are also striving to go zero waste by using up all of our production off cuts and make one of a kind pieces and kids clothes in the future.

We are by no means perfect and will continue to look for further avenues to create clothing as sustainably and ethically as possible. Please join us on this journey as we embrace "slow fashion". Thanks for your support to help protect our planet and people and make a difference to women around the world!

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