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  • The weaving process

Hand Weaving from the crop to the finished fabric

The beautiful art of hand weaving is centuries old. It is a very slow and careful process which takes a lot of practice to master (Believe me I’ve tried it!). The art, love, time and care that goes into each meter of fabric created make these fabrics something very special. We design and create all our own yarn dye woven textiles, working closely with our artisan weavers at Color Silk.

All of the organic cotton used in our handwoven fabrics is growing just outside the Color Silk weaving village, in Takeo Province, Cambodia. Once the crops have been harvested the fibres are dried, cleaned and combed and then spun into thread.   The skeins of thread are then dyed with natural dye or eco dye.

After they dried in the sun, they are and wound on a wheel and the timely warping process begins. After the warp for the loom has been installed the actual weaving can begin. 

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